Kabir Singh Syndrome

Kabir Singh Syndrome


Today we are talking about Breakup Syndrome (Kabir Singh Syndrome).

Is breakup and digestive systems have any relation ?

Is food is responsible to any situation in Life ?

Can I get out of this situation ?

Am getting hang like mobile
Is there any solution to come out..?

Lots of questions with the depressive expressions..

Breakup Syndrome is increasing rapidly in society.

Many people go through multiple relationships but not getting joy, happiness, satisfaction.

After watching “KABIR SINGH” movie
Got inspired to write this all with help of this case.

There is simple treatment to cure this break-up syndrome.

Let’s focus on ourself to get out of this break up situation.

Follow this five points to cure it completely.

What you can change…?

After break-up or any heart broken situation we can’t change any past time.

What we can change is our Present.

You are the only person who can be with you at every situation.

So you must focus on what you want ?